Patient Testimonials
"Dr. Mike,

After disappointing experiences with an insurance-greedy Park Avenue dentist and an egocentric reality-show smile maker in Beverly Hills, it was a stroke of good luck that led me to Dr. Mike Margolin 15+ years ago. Besides being a skilled practitioner, Dr. Mike's greatest attribute is what I call his "no drama, no trauma" chairside manner. No matter what I present to him--new cavity, cracked molar, chipped tooth, broken filling, bonding request--his calm demeanor reassures me that my smile will be restored quickly and painlessly. When I went through cancer treatment last year, the chemotherapy changed my oral chemistry, resulting in dry mouth, multiple cavities and tongue sensitivity. Dr. Mike responded to each new challenge with prompt treatment and compassionate concern. Recently, I recommended Dr. Mike to a grateful neighbor, who calls him "a real find." Thanks, Dr. Mike and your friendly staff, for turning a trip to the dentist into a pleasant experience..."
-Sue B.
New York City

“I’ve been a patient here for over 15 years. The entire staff is unconditionally dedicated to their patients at all times. If I ever have a problem , I make a phone call and the doctor will see me immediately. This is the finest experience you could ever have, as far as visiting a dentist goes. I’ve recommended many people to come here.”

“Dr. Mike is a great guy. He does fantastic work and I am very happy with the practice.”
Richard Allen
June 7, 2012

“OMG- I am such a baby when it comes to a dentist, until I met Dr. Dave and his staff. They are the best. I had two teeth pulled and never felt a thing. They even gave me a call to make sure I was doing well. Thanks, Dr. Dave.”  
Sharon Bellini
June 12, 2012

“This father and two sons give new meaning to family dentistry practice. Dr. Mike Margolin has always provided me with excellent dental care, with attention to every detail in my treatment. Compassion and caring compliment the skill and expertise of Dr. Mike. Thank you Margolin Dental Associates."
Barbara Grasso
June 12, 2012

“I dreaded all dentists…until of course I met Dr. Dave Margolin. The only person on earth I’ll ever trust to probe around in my head! No reservations. PS. He’s also a great friend.”
Alton Allison
May 31, 2012

“Dr. Mike is such a pleasure. My wife and I find his services are excellent in every phase of dentistry. He’s cordial and humorous and makes visits fun. And his office personnel are second to none.”
Gus Jentile
May 31, 2012

"Dr. Mike is the best dentist I have ever had. Every time I have an appointment and I get their early, he takes me inside and gets me ready for the check up, etc. He also gives me magazines and he is the type of doctor that will remember you. He makes me feel confortable because he asks me about school, grades, sports and so on. He is not like other doctors that, you talk to them and they don't listen. He listens to everything you say and makes fun conversation. He is also, very patient. I can be a drama queen and most doctors hate seeing me. He calms me down and he is nice to me. He is funny and smart. He will have an answer to every question you have. If you ever need mouth surgery or a tooth pulled, where you need a specialist, he will make the appointment for you and provide the address and everything. I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled and he sent me to the best doctor EVER. I didn't even feel my teeth being pulled. He knows great doctors and he is great too!"

"Dr. Mike is the BEST I'm quite Dental phobic from previous bad experiences at other dentists. Dr. Mike puts all my fears to rest. He is patient, kind and knowledgeable. He's GREAT!"

"Dr. Mike is the BEST. He is cute and is always on time and even sees me when i have no appointment. he is the BEST. There is no words to describe him. he does his job so well."

"Dr. Mike is always on time or even early. Case in point - I had a 4:30 appointment time, arrived at 4:20, he took me in at 4:25, cleaned my teeth and I was in the car by 5:00. Also, he does all of his own work, even cleanings! No annoying dental hygienists here! I live nearly 40 miles away and I do not mind making the trip for his superb service!"

"Best dentist…ever!  Kind, gentle, and thorough.  Best care, anywhere."